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CardExchange® Gateway

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Thank you for choosing CardExchange® Gateway Suite, we appreciate your business.


CardExchange® Gateway Suite is a “One Application, Multiple Vertical Markets” product.
Our current applications support different vertical markets, with the release of CardExchange® Gateway all these applications will be available inside the one main Gateway application.


For example, you may have the need for visitor management with a basic need of printing, or you may need advanced print production with a need of basic visitor management. All will be in one application, but each vertical can be running on different machines.
When the application is updated, we only deploy one application. When we add new verticals in the future, for example card management or time management, they will appear automatically in the Gateway.



In this Quick Install manual we will explain how to install, activate, and register CardExchange® Gateway on your system.
User manuals for individual applications within Gateway can be found using the links below:


CardExchange® Producer
CardExchange® Visitor



If you have received a CardExchange® Gateway DVD box from your CardExchange® reseller, you need to insert the DVD into your available drive. Normally the DVD menu will automatically start, if not, just explore the DVD content and start the Autorun.exe which can be found in the root of the DVD. When the DVD menu is started you select the preferred language and you will enter the Main Menu. In the Main Menu you click on CardExchange® Gateway which will bring you to the CardExchange® Gateway Menu. Click here on Install CardExchange® Gateway to start the installation procedure.


If you have downloaded our CardExchange® Gateway Trial version from the website, this file is a Self-Extracting file and contains everything needed for the installation of CardExchange® Gateway except the .NET Framework 4.6. This is available on DVD or will be downloaded from the internet during the installation if not available on your system.