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CardExchange® Producer Help

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Welcome to CardExchange® Producer v10 and TrustID v4 Powered by CadExchange

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Thank you for using CardExchange® Producer or TrustID for producing your cards! We appreciate your business!


TrustID v4 is built using the established and powerful engine of CardExchange® Producer, in this help file you will see that the screenshots are from CardExchange® Producer but these also apply to TrustID and can be referenced for both products.

The editions available for both CardExchange® Producer and TristID are named differently, however the functionality matches the corresponding editions as per the next page.


CardExchange® Producer and TrustID offer a multiple card-template interface that allows you to produce cards in just a couple of clicks.
The CardExchange® Producer Card Production application is 10 years+ in the market offering you a solution containing all our experience and knowledge available for secure production of your cards!


CardExchange® Producer and TrustID have support for Mifare® encoding, Biometric devices and ID scanners. We are using Microsoft's XPS print engine to support the latest printing standards, however not all ID card printer manufacturers supply drivers that support XPS technology. Therefore CardExchange® Producer and TrustID offer also a GDI+ print engine.  


Our CardExchange® Producer Go edition and the TrustID Classic edition are the entry level offering, these editions comes with an internal database which enables better protection and management of your stored data.


The entire main interface is designed to enhance ease-of-use and improved intuitiveness.


But that is not all...


Get access to our huge collection of "How-To" videos on our YouTube channel. Join our community by visiting our online end-users forum where you can find quickly answers to your questions, post questions, etc. Compare the functionality of your edition with the functionality of other available editions, etc. Find all you need to know in the Using Service Center section of this help file and be amazed what is been offered!


It's not just about software; it's about the experience!™



Having issues with a TrustID v3 product?

Then please follow this link to get help and support