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CardExchange® Producer Help

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CardExchange® Producer and TrustID are offered both as a Local Single User License and with Concurrent Network Licensing.


Our Standard Single License Solutions are available in five different editions:


CardExchange producer






Starting with the GO edition offering an internal database which enables better protection and management of your stored data. The Professional edition offers real database power with connections to multiple database servers, native connections, etc., . All CardExchange® Producer and TrustID editions offer inline Magnetic Encoding functionality.


Starting from the Business edition Producer offers you the powerful option to manage your licenses from a central location of your network. No more local licenses that need to be activated, no more need of using license dongles on local computers, just one location that holds your licenses. But it also offers the power of Central Data Management. All your card-templates, database connections, etc., managed by one administrator, user, computer, etc. The days of multiplying all your configurations are over!


But that is not all!



In combination with the Dispatcher and Print Server Editions, you will be able to create complete service bureau print farm solutions including load balancing printing. Send all your print jobs to the Dispatcher and/or directly to the Print Servers... It is all in your hands with the CardExchange® Producer or TrustID Network License, Solutions.


For more information about our CardExchange® Producer or TrustID editions, please visit our website by CLICKING HERE!